Business Events

A successful business event stands or falls with the location. The diversity of halls and rooms makes GIA Trade & Exhibition Centre ideally suited for a wide variety of events. Nothing is fixed, so anything is possible. The multifunctional spaces are equipped with the latest technologies. All the ingredients at your disposal to make something special of your business event.

Trade shows

Nothing beats a good conversation if companies do business with each other. During an exhibition all colleagues come together and exchange knowledge, experiences and inform each other on the latest developments. In an informal and casual setting it’s likely that entrepreneurs giving each other a handshake as a start of a fruitful collaboration.

Conferences and Seminars

Congresses, conferences or seminars revolves around lectures by speakers on a specific theme. The halls and rooms of GIA Trade & Exhibition Centre are easy to set up for this kind of business events. Depending on the number of visitors it’s possible to arrange a big podium, chairs and a small stage. The acoustic is excellent, allowing visitors to listen to the lecture and at the same time hear a pin drop.

Exhibitions and product launchings

Also for exhibitions and product presentations GIA Trade & Exhibition Centre is the right place for you. We help you to build up stands or walls, so that your product or exhibition is presented well.


Meet in silence and peace. That can at GIA Trade & Exhibition Centre. Especially the Onyx- and Pearl Room are nice for small training sessions or meetings. It lacks nothing in these spaces. Equipped with air conditioning and electric blinds the spaces can easily be reduced for smaller setups. On request we can put projection screens and beamers. The rooms can be rented for half a day up to several days in succession.

Company parties

Dancing on solid beats and relaxing in a comfortable lounge area. GIA Trade & Exhibition Centre takes care of your company party to the last detail so that all visitors have the time of their lives. Colored disco lights, delicious food and drinks makes the party complete.

Worries that we take over

GIA Trade & Exhibition Centre offers a variety of services so your conference, seminar or corporate event will run as smooth as possible. What about our support in preparing your corporate event? Whether it comes to catering, engineering or to arrange hotel accommodation for your exhibitors: We gladly take over all of your worries. We have advanced equipment and can – down to the smallest detail – provide the desired lighting and the right sound system for you. Would you wish for a carpet, plants, food trucks or a lounge sets? Whatever your specific needs may be, everything is negotiable. First and foremost we want to make your event a big success.

High Speed Wi-Fi network

A business event without Wi-Fi is almost unthinkable. GIA Trade & Exhibition Centre offers anywhere access to the high speed Wi-Fi network. You can email, surf and use social media as you normally would. The Wi-Fi network is accessible to the many thousands of visitors each day.


With special lighting the right atmosphere is given. Therefore, we can tune the lights for any meeting or set it up in the desired corporate colors. In Opal Hall 1 and 2 on the first floor, standard lighting consists of a combination of gas discharge lamps and fluorescent lighting. On request we arrange the spaces with atmospheric LED lighting or theatrical spotlights. Or you can design your own lighting plan.

Sound and Vision

The high-quality building meets all safety requirements and has modern technical equipment such as climate control, electric power (380 volts) and electric blinds. Optionally, you can use microphones, projection screens with beamers, audio-visual equipment and a professional sound system. All halls and rooms can be darkened partially or completely and with screens or cloths we can easily create smaller spaces. The possibilities are endless.

Professional partners/suppliers

You can create a corporate event according to your own taste and ideas. If desired, the event agency of GIA Trade & Exhibition Centre will support you in planning, organizing and executing your event. Matching the corporate identity and image of your organization, together we develop a business event that surpass all expectations and where inspiring encounters will occur.

For a perfect business event, you can use your own trusted suppliers, but you can also enable one of our professional partners in the fields of cleaning, catering, rental, transport, security and staff. Our partners are selected based on expertise and quality.


All spaces must excel at any event. These companies are highly experienced and skilled.


All gear and equipment should reach their destination safely. These transport companies are highly skilled and fully insured against damage.


Hostesses for the reception of guests, waiters for serving food and beverage or security staff for the smooth running of a business event. Identify the staff you want to hire and these recruitment agencies place the best candidates in the right place.


Breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks: These caterers are all professionals. They put the guests pampered and ensure that they lack nothing.


These are our preferred suppliers


For multi-day business events, it is nice if your visitors or exhibitors are able to stay in a hotel nearby. The offer in the Hague region is large. These hotels are located in the vicinity of GIA Trade & Exhibition Centre.